1. What is Turkish Teaching Portal?
It is a portal that allows individuals to learn Turkish in an interactive way with the help of smartphone, tablet or computer without limitation of time and space.

2. Can I use the system via my personal mobile phone or tablet?
By entering or via the browser of your mobile phone or tablet, you can use the website in mobile mode. Soon, you will be able to download the Turkish Teaching Portal mobile application to your device from Android Market and Apple Store.

3. How can I sign in?
Once you click on “Learn Turkish” on the top-right corner of the page, you will see a form, with which you will be able to sign in after filling in.

4. Is it a paid-application?
It is free to become a member of and to use the portal until the end of 2019. Moreover, it is planned to put such features like “Lecturer Support”, “Live Courses”, “Video-Courses” into service, which will be able to be used by the users for a reasonable fee.

5. Can I use the system even if I do not have a Turkish keyboard?
Once you start using the system, a virtual keyboard will be available for writing activities. Since this virtual keyboard comprises each and every Turkish letter, you will be able to participate in the activities, even if you don’t have a Turkish keyboard.

6. How can I start using the system?
After you sign-in to the system, click on “My Courses” button on the top-right corner. One, using the system for the first time, will see A1-level courses in the beginning. If you do not know anything with regards to Turkish language, you should start with the Alphabet, which is the first lesson in A1-level.

7. How is the lecturing process carried out?
There are 25-courses on each level. Each course comprises such activities like Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening, Grammar, Words, Videos, etc. Once you start taking a course, you are required to complete all of these activities in order. You will see a Testing section in the end, and you will pass the course after you are deemed successful in this section.

8. Can I directly get to the Testing Section without having the course?
When the course is opened, you can skip the activities and get to Testing Section, if you think that you can pass the course without fulfilling the course activities.

9. Can I get to the next course even if I fail the test?
You cannot get to the next level without successfully complete the testing section.

10. What are the criteria for passing a course?
The criterion for passing a course is to achieve 60% success level at the end of the course.

11. When can I re-take the test?
Once you fail the test at the end of the course, you will be eligible to take the test after a certain period of time.

12. What course levels are available within the system?
There are 5 course levels within the system in line with the international language teaching standards: A1, A2, B1, B2 and C1. A1 is the first level, from which those, who are taking Turkish courses for the first time, should start. C1 is the final level in the system.

13. I can speak a little Turkish. How can I get to the advanced levels?
Given that the first level in each course is accessible in the system, you can test yourself through this first course, thus starting from the level that you think is suitable.

14. What is the dictionary and how is it used?
By clicking on “Add a word in the dictionary” at the top-right corner, you can add a word to create your own “Dictionary”. You can also add a description, audio and an image to this word, while having the ability to categorize the word (i.e. verb, adjective, noun) and to group these words, as well. Additionally, you can perform reading, writing, speaking and listening activities with these words.

15. What is the section “Words” and how is it used?
By clicking on the “Words” button and access to a page, where you can find solely word exercises as independent from the courses. In this section, you can see the words you see during the courses, along with certain additional features. As in the courses, you can perform reading, writing, speaking and listening activities on this section, learn new words and consolidate what you learned.

16. What is the “Diamond” and Score System?
As long as you participate in activities within the system, you will earn diamonds and scores based on your achievements. Soon, you will have the opportunity to access additional supporting materials like live courses, story, poem, idiom, video, etc. with the diamonds and scores you earn.

17. Whom should I contact when I face a problem within the system?
If you experience a problem with the course you’re taking, you can write down your comment about this problem on the “Comments” section. Additionally, you can send us the problem in written form by filling in the respective form, which is accessible through the Contact button on the top-right corner of the website. Also, please feel free to send us any of your thoughts, suggestions concerning the system by sending an e-mail to