Yunus Emre Institute

    Yunus Emre Institute has been introducing Turkish language, culture, art and history to the people of various professions and age groups with cultural centers opened in different places of the world since 2009. The institute has been teaching Turkish with more than 40 cultural centers abroad and has been organizing certificate programs to foreigners by considering the needs in the field of learning Turkish in order to train specialists instructors in their field. Also, The institute develops fundamental and supporting teaching materials in the light of contemporary language teaching methods.

    The Yunus Emre Institute, aiming at the widespread use of Turkish education through cooperation with educational institutions and Turkology departments in various countries has been organizing many activities every year in cultural centers and representing our country in national or international activities.

   Training Materials

   The Yunus Emre Institute has been designing educational materials for individuals in different age and professions groups with the help of experience gained on the field. In this context, it has prepared "Yedi İklim Türkçe Öğretim Seti" for adults, "Türkçe Öğreniyorum" for ages between 10 and 15 years, "Çocuklar İçin Türkçe" for children between ages of 6 and 9. In addition to the book sets in order to support education supporting materials have been developed such as a thematic dictionary named “Resimlerle Kelime Öğreniyorum”, “ Yedi İklim Türkçe Z kitap”, “Yedi İklim Türkçe Damak Tadı” “Yedi İklim Türkçe Konuşma ve Yazma Kitabı”, Yedi İklim Türkçe Video Etkinlikler Kitabı” and “Tematik Kelime Öğretimi Afiş Seti”.

   Distance Turkish Teaching Project

   Yunus Emre Institute aims to teach Turkish independently from time and place through the Distance Turkish Instruction Portal prepared by using contemporary technological facilities. According to this purpose, in the portal it has been offered word lists according to levels and language information structures are shown step by step. Also, the structures that students often use everyday in their life has been taught with activities based on four basic language skills.

Distance Turkish Instruction Portal Features:

  •  7/24 Unlimited Access
  •  Interactive Teaching Tools
  •  Activity Templates for Language Learning (60+)
  •  Reading Activities
  •  Listening Activities
  •  Writing Activities
  •  Speaking Activities
  •  Simultaneous Activities
  •  Offline Activities
  •  In-video events
  •  Grammar Activities 
  •  Pronunciation Improvement Tool 
  •  Evaluation Sections
  •  Personal dictionary
  •  Repetition and Reinforcement Algorithm
  •  Live Lesson Module (group or individual lesson / interview)
  •  Question Bank, Exam Module
  •  Discussion / Commentary Sections
  •  Dramatization Features
  •  Earning and Using Point System
  •  Competitions and Awards
  •  Rank by Success Status
  •  Free Study Area (Material Library)
  •  Social Media Tools
  •  TinCan API Feature
  •  Analysis and Reporting 
  •  Institutional Module (Corporate Trainer and Content Follower for TÖMER, Language Teaching Centers, Courses ...etc)
  •  Mobile Compatible Responsive Design (IOS, Android, Windows)
  •  Vocabulary Teaching Module (11 Different Templates)
  •  Video Training Module
  •  Teacher Support